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  • Tour of VBE (Visual Basic Editor)
  • Code Window, Project Window, Properties Window
  • Introduction to Module, User forms and Class
  • Writing First Program
  • Recording Macro
    • Absolute Recording
    • Relative Recording
  • Constraints in Naming the Macro
  • What are comment lines? and why is it required?
  • Short cut keys
  • Executing Recorded Macro, Editing the Macro, Debugging the macro
  • Macro Security
  • Running Macros from Code Window, Excel etc;
  • If..Else conditional Statement, Nested ifs
  • Select Cases
  • Looping
  • For Loop & For each loop – Do While Loop
  • Cells, Active Cells, Range, Used Range, Sheet, Worksheet, Workbook, Active Workbook, This Workbook, Applications
  • Program Structure
  • Input Box
  • Msgbox
  • File Dialogue Box
  • What is Sub? Function?
  • What is Function Definition?
  • Difference between Procedure & Function?
  • Procedure calling procedure, Procedure calling Function, Function calling procedure, Function calling Function
  • User Defined Excel Function
  • Built-in VBA function. Ucase, Lcase
  • Immediate Window
  • Variables? Importance of Variable?
  • Different types of Variables
  • Option Explicit, Option Base etc
  • Public Variable, Private Variable, Local Variable, Global Variable
  • Scope of Variable
  • Public, Private functions
  • Writing Programs in multiple Modules
  • Constants
  • Arrays (Static, Dynamic, Redim, Preserve)
  • Workbook and Worksheet Events
  • FileSystemObjects
  • User Forms
  • End To End Automation – Hands on Experience

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