Looking for best Big Data Hadoop Training in Mumbai &  Thane , Petaa Bytes being TOP Hadoop Training Institute offering training by our CLOUDERA Certified trainers.

Big Data and Hadoop Training Course is designed by industry experts working on Hadoop. It covers topic in-depth on Hadoop Ecosystem tools such as HDFS, Multi-Node installation, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop. Its full hands-on oriented course. You will be working on real-life industry use cases in Retail, Social Media etc. We have four packages:

By The End of Hadoop Training at Petaa Bytes You Will be :

  • in position to work on Big data Hadoop project from day 01.
  • Gain knowledge in handling the techniques & tools of the Hadoop stack.
  • You will be expertise in the various components of Big Data Hadoop. Core Hadoop Components like MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Sqoop, PIG and Flume with example.
  • Understand the different Hadoop Flavors like Clouera, HortonWorks or MapR.
  • Importing data from Traditional Databases into Hadoop and vice versa

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Benefits After taking up the Hadoop Training in Mumbai  &  Thane at Petaa Bytes

Petaa Bytes is known for Hands-on training. Today, Hadoop and Spark is one of the skill-set asked across all verticals whether it is used for Batch Processing or Real Time processing. Following are just few benefits which are very much known to all of us:

  • Core JAVA Course worth 10K Absolutely FREE !!!
  • 100% Placement assistance
  • Guidance for CLOUDERA Exam
  • Master the  concepts of Hadoop Distributed File System, YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator), & understand in detail how Distributes Storage and computing works.
  • Rigorous practice on Map reduce will help you in mastering the Distributed Processing concepts which is one the most prominent aspect of newGen Frameworks or NoSQLs
  • You will be able to setup Multi-node Hadoop cluster on your own
  • You will be able to Analyse Big data using either Pig, Hive and if required Map Reduce






About Hadoop Training ?

In today’s time, the technology is growing very fast and there is no doubt in the fact that data is growing in the market at the same pace. Therefore, it is essential that there should be some efficient way to deal with this data.

The Big Data Hadoop training is one of the best training that has made the world of data processing faster as well as reliable. Thus, getting trained in this course can make a person to contribute his or her best in the field of IT.

You will get the one stop solution to become a specialist to deal with big data and You will get the one stop solution to become a specialist to deal with big data and The quality training at our Hadoop training institute in Mumbai  & Thane  will give you the immense knowledge to easily stand and compete in the world of data and technology



Who Should Join Hadoop Training in Mumbai, & Thane ?

Gartner survey have said that 64% of companies have invested in Big Data in 2013 and its percentage is increasing every year. Many of the IT Professionals use the outdated methods like the Software professionals, JAVA Professionals, Analytics Professionals, ETL Professionals, and Data warehousing Professionals, Testing Professionals, and Project Managers Etc.

If they Switch to Hadoop training  and will make a good career growth. Big Data Hadoop Training in Mumbai, & Thane will give relevant and great experience to you and fulfill the demands of industry needs. Recent Years Surveys has shown that Big Data Industry is the market is of more than $50 billion industry.

Big Data industry have achieved significant growth with the challenges in managing and arriving at meaningful insights from Bigdata, opportunities are limitless for everyone who wants to get into big data Hadoop Mumbai ecosystem.

Why Big Data Training In Mumbai, & Thane At Petaa Bytes?

  1. Complimentary Training on Core JAVA
  2. Hadoop Experts from industry with ample teaching Experience take Hadoop training in Mumbai at Petaa Bytes.
  3. Practical Training is provided with projects and Case studies
  4. Big Data Hadoop Training will make you to expertise the Hadoop framework concepts.
  5. Free Cloudera Certification Guidance
  6. Rated as Best Hadoop Training Center in Mumbai, & Thane    by Industry Experts and Professionals !


What are the Syllabus for Hadoop Training in Mumbai, & Thane ?

  1. Setup of Hadoop Cluster
  2. Mastering HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  3. Big Data Analytics using Pig and Hive
  4. HBase and Hive Integration
  5. Understanding of ZooKeeper
  6. YARN Architecture
  7. Understanding Hadoop framework
  8. Linux Essentials for Hadoop
  9. Using Java, Pig and Hive
  10. Mastering HBase
  11. Data loading using Sqoop and Flume
  12. Workflow Scheduler Using OoZie
  13. Hands-on Real time Project

What is the Scope of Hadoop Course in Mumbai, & Thane at Petaa Bytes

Big Data Analytics job is in trend and has an opportunity for bright future. A Survey says that Big Management and Analytics jobs has been increased in 2018 as compared to last 2 years.  Hadoop Development Training  is chosen by many of IT professionals to enhance their career.

Once you are Big Data Analyst with a proper training you may get good pay scale within year experience so people is preferring Hadoop Training

This Big Data Analytics Training opens the job opportunities in India as well as abroad and also you can do onsite jobs too. Most of the gaint companies prefer Big Data Analytics as it is required to store their huge amount of data and retrieve the information when they wanted

After this, many other companies don’t use Big Data have also started using it in their companies which makes the demand for Big Data Analytics in many companies. Big Data Hadoop Training is reliable platform for bright future. If you are in a confused in taking up Hadoop Training in Mumbai & Thane   then it is the right time to make your move.

Upgrade your knowledge with Hadoop Training in Mumbai  &  Thane ,  It’s the right time. The Hadoop expert’s professional program offers the most standard and precise big data credential.

Are You Looking for Hadoop Training Classes In Mumbai  &  Thane ? Join Petaa Bytes and Get Trained from the Big Data Leaders! Hadoop Training  at Petaa Bytes is known as the best by Professionals!



Job opportunities for the Hadoop programmers in Mumbai & Thane

There are plenty of job opportunities with Python. But according to the applicability, the demand and the requirements get varied. Depending on how intensively you have done the course and to what degree, you can get the job in the industry. The web development sector is also flooded with the requirements in python. So, the future is highly bright with Python. You just need to have the skills enriched within you that are being required in the industry.

Taking up the Hadoop Programming Training in Mumbai or in Thane at Petaa Bytes does not require any second thoughts. All the tutors available will be the python experts with complete knowledge of UI as well as the development. The training is offered through the interactive systems. The practical oriented training is designed in such a way that students get hands-on over the technology. You will get the 100% satisfaction and guaranteed results with our course. Take the Hadoop Training in Mumbai today and get the successful results in future forever.

Are You Looking for Hadoop training in Mumbai or  Python Programming Training in Thane? then Contact to Petaa Bytes to Get Trained from our Professor! Python training  at Petaa Bytes is known as the best by Professionals!