Python is a high-level, interpreted, interactive and object-oriented scripting language. Petaa Bytes offering Python training in Mumbai & Thane location. Python is designed to be highly readable. It is one of the Simple Yet Powerful language.

At the end of the Python training in Mumbai  &  Thane at Petaa Bytes, you will learn :

  • Data Structure like List,Tuple, Dictionary, Set etc
  • Exceptions Handling
  • Regular Expressions
  • Functions and Procedures
  • Object Oriented Features
  • Importing Python Modules
  • creating your own Library
  • Handling Databases and Advance concepts

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Benefits after taking  Python Training in Mumbai & Thane at Petaa Bytes

After taking up the python Training in Mumbai & Thane at Petaa Bytes, students will have a clear understanding of what python is and what they can do with it. They will:

  • 100% Placement Assistance for automation kind of Jobs
  • Master all the concepts whether basics or advanced in python.
  • How to use editors and IDEs effectively
  • Python File handling
  • Master all the manipulations related to the string.
  • Master the working with the python packages.
  • Have a very strong understanding of all the python classes






About Python

In this competitive world, it is very important to understand that we need to choose the subject that is of real use and is widely prevailing in the market. Python is one such powerful technology which is a widely used programming language.  It is a very powerful language and is able to perform most of the operations that are required in the software world. It is the open-source language and is very simple to learn as well.

The power libraries available in Python for the task of analysis and data mining make it more popular and usable. It is used in the domains such as scientific computing, banking, finance and signal processing etc which are highly quantitative in nature. Nowadays, most of the organizations are switching to Python.

Some of the companies which are extensively using it are Google, Zenefits, Gartner, New York University, Juniper Networks, WebMD, Toyota, General Electric, Evernote, Nasdaq, Citi, Dropbox, and BuzzFeed.



Why Petaa Bytes for python training in Mumbai & Thane?

If you are looking for python training in Mumbai & Thane, Petaa Bytes is the best option as we have highly experienced industry experts with 10+ years of working experience in real-world projects. You should join it because:

  • Till now more than 5000 students and professionals have been trained and helped in starting a successful IT career.
  • The batch size is very small, so there is a proper concentration on each and every person joining the institute.
  • There is a placement tie-up with more than 500 companies and most of them are the reputed MNCs. The placement team is fully dedicated to help the candidates in getting placed in their desired companies.
  • There are many innovative software-based training sessions and methodologies are being taught by the experts of the industry.
  • The tutors are highly experienced and real-time classroom training is available.
  • Real-time case studies are offered in order to make sure that the candidates can crack the interviews easily.
  • You get in-depth knowledge of each and every concept with python Training in Mumbai.
  • You will get a vast experience of transforming all the ideas into working applications after getting trained with us.
  • You will get full practical based training along with the chance to work on real-time projects so that later on you do not face any issues related to any type of projects.
  • You can access the labs anytime; there are no restrictions at all.

What are the Course Syllabus, If I Take Python Training in Mumbai ?

Chapter 1: Introduction To Python

  1. What is Python and history of Python
  2. Unique features of Python
  3. Python-2 and Python-3 differences
  4. Install Python and Environment Setup
  5. First Python Program
  6. Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation
  7. Comments and document interlude in Python
  8. Command line arguments
  9. Getting User Input
  10. Python Basic Data Types
  11. What are variables?

Chapter 2: List, Ranges & Tuples In Python

  1. Introduction
  2. Lists in Python
  3. More About Lists
  4. Understanding Iterators
  5. Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions
  6. Understanding and using Ranges

Chapter 3: Python Dictionaries And Sets

  1. Introduction to the section
  2. Python Dictionaries
  3. More on Dictionaries
  4. Sets
  5. Python Sets Examples

Chapter 4: Input And Output In Python

  1. Reading and writing text files
  2. writing Text Files
  3. Appending to Files and Challenge
  4. Writing Binary Files Manually

Chapter 5: Python Functions

  1. Python user defined functions
  2. Python packages functions
  3. Defining and calling Function
  4. The anonymous Functions
  5. Loops and statement in Python
  6. Python Modules & Packages

Chapter 6: Python Object Oriented

  1. Overview of OOP
  2. Creating Classes and Objects
  3. Accessing attributes
  4. Built-In Class Attributes
  5. Destroying Objects

Chapter 7: Python Exceptions Handling

  1. What is Exception?
  2. Handling an exception
  3. try….except…else
  4. try-finally clause
  5. Argument of an Exception
  6. Python Standard Exceptions
  7. Raising an exceptions
  8. User-Defined Exceptions

Chapter 8: Python Regular Expressions

  1. What are regular expressions?
  2. The match Function
  3. The search Function
  4. Matching vs searching
  5. Search and Replace
  6. Extended Regular Expressions
  7. Wildcard

Chapter 9: Useful Additions

  1. Collections – namedtuples, default dicts
  2. Debugging and breakpoints
  3. Using IDEs
  4. Matching vs searching

Why should you go for python training?

Python is a very easy programming language to be learned and is good for beginners to start with. With little patience and good practice, the fresher can easily code in python.

  • Unlike other languages like C# and C++, Python is more productive as it comes with many in-built libraries
  • Most of the big data platforms rely on Python as it is highly dynamic and is appropriate for the general purpose tasks.
  • There is a lot of demand for Python programmers in the market.
  • Python comes with the iterative and agile design.

How Python training in mumbai will help in your career?

The dynamic nature of python has made it very popular in the programming world. Python programming skills are in high demand in the market and going for python training thus can be really beneficial for a professional’s career.

  • With python, there are multiple job profiles including software programmer, data scientist, data analyst,and research analyst etc.
  • There are many open source platforms which are supported by Python including Django, and it has very powerful modules like sciPy, numPy, Pandas or SciKit for Machine Learning.
  • Python has occupied the big part of the industry and almost all the big organizations like Facebook, Google and Netflix etc are using it.

What are the prerequisites for Python Training?

Python training does not specifically require any prerequisites. There is no programming language that should be aware of.

  • You should have basic knowledge of concepts like variables, control statements and loops etc.
  • Work experience in any other programming language can be beneficial.
  • Basic coding knowledge can help in learning python quickly.
  • Most importantly, you should have more of patience and willingness to become a python expert.

What Skills will you learn in Python Training?

In coding, You begin to think logically as How can I do this tasks. Since Pythong language has simple data structure and syntax. It is very easy to master this language if we try with good patience and hard work. Since its simple, Your productivity bound to get good boost which will result in self happiness. You will get to learn the important data libraries including matplotlib, NumPy,and Pandas etc. Python is written in such a way that big codes can be easily converted to the single liners.

Is it mandatory to have programming background for Python Career?

It is not mandatory to have any programming background before going for python training. But any prior experience of working with any programming language like Java or C can be a good start to it.

What Is The Python Training Duration in Mumbai?

Our Best Python Course Duration will be 40 to 50 hours in case of addition modules like Django. But for core Python programming 20-22 hrs would be more than sufficient. In this duration, we will provide, you more python programming examples. You will get different levels of Python assessments. You will have to work on a real time Python Project.

After the Python Training completion in Mumbai or in Thane, What is my level?

After completion of your Python Training in Mumbai or in Thane, You can develop any levels of Python projects professionally whether it’s any Web development , application development and any kind of scripting for automation

What about Placement assistance?

To provide you a smooth and bright path in your career, we provide 100% placement assistance. We keep preparing the candidates for the mock interviews in the middle of python training in Mumbai branch. These interviews help in boosting up the technical skills and provide confidence to face real interviews.

Will you help me with interviews?

We have the process of conducting two mock interviews in the middle of python training and at the end. In these sessions, all your gaps and technical weaknesses will be identified and you will then be working on those gaps. This way your technical skills will be brushed up. Also, we provide full assistance in preparing the resume according to the industry standards.



Job opportunities for the python programmers in Mumbai & Thane

There are plenty of job opportunities with Python. But according to the applicability, the demand and the requirements get varied. Depending on how intensively you have done the course and to what degree, you can get the job in the industry. The web development sector is also flooded with the requirements in python. So, the future is highly bright with Python. You just need to have the skills enriched within you that are being required in the industry.

Taking up the Python Programming Training in Mumbai or in Thane at Petaa Bytes does not require any second thoughts. All the tutors available will be the python experts with complete knowledge of UI as well as the development. The training is offered through the interactive systems. The practical oriented training is designed in such a way that students get hands-on over the technology. You will get the 100% satisfaction and guaranteed results with our course. Take the python Training in Mumbaitoday and get the successful results in future forever.

Are You Looking for Python training in Mumbai or  Python Programming Training in Thane? then Contact to Petaa Bytes to Get Trained from our Professor! Python training  at Petaa Bytes is known as the best by Professionals!