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Looking for Digital marketing training in Mumbai? Join Petaa Bytes now which is one of the best institutes providing the training in digital marketing. Get in touch with us for more details and get good offers. Placement assistance is guaranteed.

By the end of Digital marketing Course in Mumbai with Petaa Bytes,

you will get to learn:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • SEO along with SEM, Google AdWords, and PPC
  • SMM, SMO and community management
  • Web analytics and Google analytics
  • Email marketing
  • Interview related questions

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Why Choose Petaa Bytes for Digital Marketing Training In Mumbai?

We are one of the high-ranked institutes offering the Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai. The reviews can be seen in order to justify the above sentence.

  • Google results keep us on top for providing the digital marketing course in Mumbai.
  • All the experts providing the digital marketing training are highly experienced and they know in-depth about how work goes on in real time industries.
  • There are many digital marketing experts who have been passed out from Petaa Bytes and they are successful in their career.
  • The Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai is completely practical-based and all the candidates will be working on the real-time projects and assignments.
  • The training is provided on all advanced digital marketing tools.
  • We offer job assistance once the course is completed and also you will get the support post training.
  • Flexible batches and timings.



Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing

About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing as the name suggests is the promotion of the brands or maybe the services and products with the help of digital market channels. The major objective behind the usage of these digital marketing campaigns is to increase the brand’s presence online and increase sales with brand promotion. There are various marketing strategies, tools, and services that are used as the major medium of promotion including the email, mobile, wireless text messaging and digital television, etc.

In today’s digital era, there is a huge requirement and demand for professionals who are perfectly skilled in digital marketing. The expert digital marketing professionals are involved in the strategies for marketing including search engine optimization, keyword analysis, content marketing, campaign marketing, sales conversion, display advertising, performance marketing, use of the social media related platforms and e-Commerce marketing, etc. The skilled person can effectively run the campaigns which can ensure the increase of sales and presence online.

At Petaa Bytes, we offer the best digital marketing course in Mumbai. The entire course is practically based and you will get complete industry-based experience. Whatever is your online marketing goals will be equipped with training offered.



What Benefits will I get through the Digital Marketing Course?

With an increase in time, there is a significant rise in the demand of digital marketing experts. There are multiple sectors where the demand is increasing including the FMCG companies, financial sectors, FDI, Agency, and many more business units. Joining the digital marketing course in Mumbai will make you an expert analyst in the field of digital marketing.

The economic rule on any product says that with the increase in demand, the price of the product goes up. The same condition applies here; with an increase in demand of the skilled digital marketing professionals, the salary perks will also be high.

You can also start your own business after taking up the course. Hence, become an independent entrepreneur. You can then work with freedom and your own passion. There are huge opportunities overseas as well. Therefore, taking up the course will give new wings to your career definitely.

How Petaa Bytes is different from other Digital marketing Institute who provides Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai?

At Petaa Bytes, we always aim to make each and every individual a successful professional. We do not believe in making some fake promises to the aspirants and play with their careers.

  • Our course curriculum is designed in such a way that everyone whether a beginner or an experienced person can learn easily.
  • The trainers are all highly experienced and skilled and have proven the expertise in working in big MNCs and increase their online presence in the market.
  • We are always available to assist you with any of the problems you face during the Digital Marketing training in Mumbai and even after the course.
  • Our course is completely detailed and comprehensive
  • We have many success stories of individuals who have passed out from our institute.

What are the chances of job placement in Mumbai, post the completion of this digital marketing course

Post completion of the Digital Marketing training in Mumbai, you will be provided 100% assistance by the dedicated team of Petaa Bytes.

The recruitment team will keep updating you about the various opportunities that keep on coming in big MNCs based upon your interests and learning. We will assist you with resume preparation. There will be mock interviews regularly in order to prepare you for the interviews.

What all locations you have for Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai?

We offer the digital marketing course in Mumbai, Thane and Pune. The training standards are the same at all the institutes and the trainers are the best as well. So now you can decide and choose whichever location suits you the best and join now.

Do We Get To Work On Live Projects?

We are in the list of some of the only institutes of Mumbai who focus strongly on practical learning rather than just grasping the theoretical concepts. The entire digital marketing course in Mumbai is designed in such a way that you will deal with multiple real time concepts.

Each and every aspirant will be creating the live social media campaign, live Google AdWords campaign and the creation of the live website with access to the real servers.

We provide access for live Google search console to the learners along with the real-time Google analytics data.For a perfect understanding of the work, you will be having access to the paid SEO tools and the content creation tools.

All of this is enough to make you understand things clearly and in-depth.

What is the scope of homemakers on sabbatical post completion of this digital marketing course?

Digital marketing is such a topic which does not always need your physical appearance at the office. There are hundreds of remote opportunities available for the freelancers, working woman and others who have any reasons to not attend offices regularly.

The major requirement is that you should excel in the understanding of all digital marketing concepts and you should possess great skills in order to make the recruiter hire you. There are a lot of opportunities for digital marketers because nowadays every business is having need of expert digital marketers.

Where should I contact to know more about the course?

If you are planning to get admission for  Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai at Petaa Bytes. You can call us anytime on +91 9819652958 for getting more details and any clarifications. Also, you can mail us on info@petaa-bytes.com.

Profile of trainer, Who providing Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai

All the trainers, who teach  Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai at Petaa Bytesare highly experienced. They have 10+ years of experience of working in big MNCs. They have the expertise in working on all the digital marketing areas including SEO, SEM, Google Adwords, and PPC, etc.



Job Opportunity in

Digital marketing is now becoming one of the mainstreams of India. Until the year 2019, not many of the businesses use to take digital marketing seriously and working with traditional practices of the market. But now there is a drastic change and soon by 2020, the world is going to be completely digitalized. Nowadays almost all the companies have started bringing their presence online and hence there are lots of career opportunities coming up for the skilled digital marketing experts.

Once you take up the Digital Marketing Training in Mumbai, there will be ample of opportunities open for you. We also have a tie-up with multiple brands and will keep on sharing your profile with them.

Not only job, once you complete the digital marketing course in Mumbai from Petaa Bytes, but there are also many other options that will open up for you. You can start your own online business.

If you are a housewife or have taken a break from your career for any of the reasons, digital marketing can be a great option for you. You can earn in great numbers if you have all the required and necessary skills which we can assure you will have once the course is done.

Drop us a mail at info@petta-bytes.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you.
Alternatively, choose from our list of openings and apply for the one you’re ready to take head on.

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