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Apache Spark with Python Certification Training is designed to provide you the knowledge and skills that are required to become a successful Python-Spark Developer.

This course and Hadoop course will help you to clear Cloudera Exam (CCA175). Throughout Training, you will get an in-depth knowledge on Apache Spark and its Eco-System like Spark-Core (RDD), Spark SQL, Spark Graph and Spark Streaming. This course also covers Python Programming in depth (OOP and Functional aspects), HDFS, Sqoop, and Messaging System such as Kafka.

Apache Spark with Python  Training is designed to provide you the knowledge and skills that are required to become a successful Spark Developer with Python.

By Joining Spark with Python Training in Mumbai & Thane, You will be Master at:

  1. Important concepts of Python OOP and Functional Programming
  2. Resilient Distributed Data Set Using PySpark Using Python APIs
  3. Spark Architecture : Master and Workers
  4. Setting up – Spark Cluster on top of Hadoop.
  5. Techniques to cache Large Data Sets in Memory /Disk Using Python APIs
  6. All Spark Components like Spark-Core, Spark-SQL, Spark-Streaming and Spark-Grapth

Basic Requirement to Join Apache Spark Training in Mumbai & Thane:

  1. Hadoop’s HDFS,  HIVE and Apache SQOOP
  2. Basic JAVA to Understand Scala well

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Benefits of Apache Spark Training in Mumbai & Thane

Petaa Bytes is known for Hands-on training. Spark training in mumbai is one of most sought skill-set asked across all businesses for faster processing. Following are just few benefits which help you to become:

  • Master Spark’s Python’s Rich API like map, flatMap, filter and many more
  • Core Spark, Spark-SQL, Spark Streaming, GraphDataFrame using  various file formats like csv, json, parquet, s3
  • Master the concepts of RDD, In-Memory architecture, how spark process Jobs using – Resource management frameworks like YARN, Local, Mesos or Standalone cluster. During the course, we will be submitting jobs to all.
  • Analyze Large Data sets using Spark’s functional programming paradigm which is far simpler and interesting to write the code compared to OOP based code. Refer below video to see “why to go for spark course” which who haven’t worked on JAVA.
  • You will be able to setup Multi-node cluster for Yarn/Mesos/Standalone cluster which is required to process Spark jobs
  • We will guide you for CCA-175 exam. We will provide exam like scenarios to students who are planning to appear for CCA-175 exam. For more details: kindly refer Video in Video section below.
Big Data always interested me and taking this course at petabyte has further encouraged me to work in this field. The course helps in understanding hadoop and it's related technologies right from

shreya bamne

First of all i want to thank Shrikant sir for guiding me into a new era of hot technology 'Hadoop'. The class session was really good and the doubt clearance was not just limited during the class session but off the class also whenever i had a doubt, sir was always available to clear the doubt in a perfect manner in call and and by taking session of my system using Teamviewer. Now for the guys who are interested in learning Bigdata technology i will recommend to get trained under Shrikant Sir.

Manoj Sharma




Why one should go for SPARK


Apache Spark

About Apache Spark with Python in Mumbai?


In today’s time, the technology and tools are changing rapidly because every other every company wants to evaluate these technologies/tools /frameworks in most optimum way. There is no doubt in the fact that data is growing exponentially. Therefore, it is essential that there should be some efficient way to deal with this data in must faster way compared to previous Hadoop stack.

Our Apache Spark training in Mumbai is one of the Best Classroom training available in Mumbai. During this training, our emphasis will be on 100% hands-on, so students become expert in using this framework confidently and comfortably.

Apache Scala training in Mumbai is the backbone to become excellent spark developer. Thus, getting trained in this course can make a person to contribute his or her best in the field of IT with pride.



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20,000  18,000Flat 2000 off