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17 March

Creating Stored Procedures

What is Procedure Syntax and Developing Procedure What are Parameters IN/OUT/IN OUT Procedures Calling PL/SQL Using Host Variables and Using Default Options for Parameter Invoking Procedures and Handled Exceptions

17 March

Creating Stored Functions

Overview of Stored Functions Syntax and Developing Store Functions Advantages of User-Defined Functions in SQL statements Functions in SQL expressions Locations to call User-defined functions Restrictions on Calling Functions from …

17 March

Creating Packages

PL/SQL Packages Component of PL/SQL Packages Visibility of Package Components Developing PL/SQL Packages Creating Package Specification and Body Invoking Package Subprograms Creating and Using Bodiless Packages Advantages of Using Packages

17 March

Dynamic SQL and Metadata

Execution Flow of SQL Dynamic SQL Native Dynamic SQL Using the EXECUTE IMMEDIATE Statement Dynamic SQL with a DDL Statement Dynamic SQL with DML Statement Dynamic SQL with Single-Row Query …

17 March

Design Considerations for PL/SQL Code

Standardizing Constants and Exceptions Local Subprograms Definer’s Rights Vs Invoker Rights Autonomous Transactions Returning Clause Bulk Binding Bulk Collect FORALL, BULK COLLECT INTO with RETURNNG Clause Using NOCOPY Hint PARALLEL_ENABLE …

17 March

Manipulating Large Objects

What is LOB Contrasting LONG and LOB Data Types What is BFILES Securing BFILES Managing BFILES Preparing to use BFILES Using DBMS_LOB Migrating from LONG to LOB DBMS_LOB DBMS_LOB.READ, and …

17 March

Creating Triggers

Types of Triggers Guidelines for Designing Triggers Creating DML Triggers Types of DML Triggers Trigger Timing Trigger Firing Sequences Trigger Event Types and Body Creating a DML Statement Trigger Using …

17 March

Application for Triggers

Creating Database Trigger Creating Trigger on DDL statement Creating Triggers on System Events LOGONG and LOGOFF Trigger CALL statement Reading Data from a Mutating Table Benefits of Database Triggers

17 March

Using Subquery

Single row subquery Group Function in subquery HAVING clause with subquery Multiple-row subquery NULL values in Subquery

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