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Looking for best React JS Training in Mumbai , Petaa Bytes being TOP React JS Classes in Mumbai offering training by our Certified trainers.

By The End of React Js training at Petaa Bytes You Will:

After taking up this best React Js training in Mumbai, you will be able to

  • Write codes with the help of ES6 language functionalities and features.
  • Get through the benefits of data flow in a unidirectional
  • Use the cascading style sheets in the JS.
  • Develop the middleware with the help of redux saga.
  • Use the react tools for debugging in a much better way.
  • Follow the immutable state principle with the help of immutable JS library.
  • Deploy all the react based applications to the cloud.

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React Js Training Advantage in Mumbai

There are numerous benefits of taking up the React JS training in Mumbai. At Petaa Bytes, our aim is to make sure that the developers are able to create and deploy attractive and useful websites and mobile applications with the help of React JS.

  • Our React JS training is completely job oriented. There are many job opportunities in the market for the React JS developers including web developer, mobile developer, full stack developer, UI developer, UI tester and SEO administrator etc. Thus, taking admission in our React JS Classes in Mumbai and learning with full sincerity can easily beg you a good scoring job.
  • We provide with the real-life case studies in the React JS training. All the materials are purposefully handpicked in order to serve all the needs of the candidates
  • You can join the classes according to your flexibility. In case you missed any session of the React JS, you need not to There are backup classes that can be attended.
  • For all the attendees, we provide free WIFI and lab facilities.
  • All the doubts will be cleared via the practical and theory sessions. Whenever you will get stuck in your ongoing project, our mentors will be there aside by you to help you out.
  • The course curriculum is completely designed by the experts for our React JS Classes in Mumbai and all the technologies being taught are the latest in the market. You will stay globally relevant and empower yourself with all the latest tools and the training.






About React JS

React JS is a JavaScript library which is open source. It is used for building the user interfaces for mostly the one-page applications. Basically, the usage of JS is for view layer of the mobile and the web applications. We can also create reusable UI components with the help of it. Nowadays, React JS has become very popular because of the simplicity and scalability it comes with. Many organizations are even seeing it as the future of coming web developments. Hence, taking up this as a career can be a better option for successful future growth.

React JS training is designed for the learners who are looking forward to getting through the complete systematic methodology in the development of mobile and the web applications. By taking admission in our React JS Classes in Mumbai at Petaa Bytes, you will get to learn about complete React JS along with React native and Redux.

With react, you will be able to create single page applications. In case you are looking to create complex applications, there are some additional libraries that have to be used for the task of routing, state management and finally the interaction with some API. With the help of React native, the react architecture can be applied to the Android and the iOS application. With Redux being an open source library of JavaScript, you can work on managing the application state.



What are the prerequisites to learn React JS?

The basic and the very important prerequisite for any and every course are to have willingness and interest to learn. If you have this, you can come and join our React JS Classes in Mumbai anytime.

Other than this, it is good to have knowledge about below concepts at least the basic one:

  1. Basic HTML and CSS
  2. JavaScript
  3. Basic programming concepts

Even if you don’t have any knowledge on JS, don’t worry, our experts are here to train you from scratch.

Why React JS training in Mumbai at Petaa Bytes?

With our React JS Classes, you will not only learn the course curriculum but also you will be doing real time projects. Learning is never a big deal but it makes sense when you can implement it somewhere. With our classes, you will be able to apply the logic learned and understand what all issues you can face while working on real market scenarios. The entire project will be developed by you from scratch. Our trainers will be there to guide at each and every point. You just need to regularly attend the classes and make sure all concepts are understood clearly.

Are the sessions practically oriented?

Yes, for sure. All our sessions are completely practical based on real life examples and case studies. For each and every topic being taught in the React JS training in Mumbai, there are some hands-on being done. From the very first session, you will get the confidence to at least start with the base of the project. There will be assessments for all the classes which you will have to complete.

What is the complete duration of the course conducted by the Petaa Bytes?

The duration of the course is 50 hours but no worries, we will be there with you till the time you need us. We can support you in all your problems and concerns related to JS. Once the React JS training is completed and you face any issues or have queries with any topics, you will be allowed to join our next batch for free.

What will I learn after completing the React JS training?

Once you have completed the React JS training in Mumbai at Petaa Bytes, you will definitely become a master in concepts of React JS.

  1. You will have complete knowledge of all the concepts that come under React JS.
  2. You will gain knowledge about various components like FLUX architecture, JSX, redux saga and many more.
  3. You will be able to build complex user interfaces with the help of React JS.
  4. Overall, you will at least be equivalent to the people who have one year of industry experience working in React JS.

Is there any placement assistance after the course completion?

Not only once the course is completed, but we will also provide assistance even during the course. Yes, our placement team will always keep you updated with the job openings while you will be taking up the React JS training. We have a tie-up with many good organizations and will be assisting you to get placed in a good company.



Job opportunities after completing React Js Training in Mumbai at Petaa Bytes

For each and every successful business and organization, the first and foremost requirement is that their website should be just perfect with not just high but very high efficiency. There should be no bugs and blocking in the site. Therefore, to get efficient and flexible applications, React JS has become a compulsion these days. Therefore, going up for the React JS training at Petaa Bytes can be really beneficial for your career.

We have a tie-up with many web development organizations and we provide 100% placement support to all our candidates. Get enrolled today in our React JS Classes in Mumbai and shape your career in a much better way to fulfill all your dreams with high salary package.

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