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The cut-throat market competition of today demands a learning approach and hold of technology is such a way it fits appropriately for the person as well as the industry. Petaa Bytes the best Apache Kafka Online Training through guided methodology the industry experts. All our trainers hold 15+ years of experience working in MNCs and have a good grasp of Kafka and many other similar technologies. The live training covers all the concepts of Kafka from basic to advanced level including data flow, Kafka architecture, and components of Kafka like consumer and broker, etc.

What will you learn during Apache Kafka Online Training?

With our instructor-led live Apache Kafka Online Training, you will get to learn:

  • Introduction of Kafka including terminologies, characteristics, and features
  • Kafka architecture
  • Kafka deployment in real-life use cases
  • Deployment of Kafka cluster on YARN and Hadoop
  • Integration of Kafka and flume
  • Complete operations performed in Kafka and performance tuning
  • Introduction to real-time streaming
  • Kafka API
  • Record storage via fault-tolerant way with Kafka
  • Production of consumption of messages from Twitter and other handles

Why should you learn Kafka?

Nowadays, the major challenge that the industry faces is to manage the real-time data which is available in bulk. There is always a need for a smart technology that can handle the data smoothly and run the business proficiently. Apache Kafka is one such data queuing methodology that comes in high-quality and can easily keep track of extremely large systems.

Take a look at some of the major reasons why one should learn this open-source system:

  • Kafka is considered as one of the major companions for the Hadoop infrastructure. It offers super-fast and completely authentic messaging services.
  • The performance of Kafka is astonishingly amazing and fast. Even with terabytes of messages, the publishing and subscribing performance os very high which makes this completely useful in the industry.
  • Kafka is the mandatory next-gen component required for all the big datarelated projects which increase its demand in the industry significantly.
  • All the major brands and companies including Uber, Linkedin, and Airbnb,etcmake use of Kafka for swiftly running their businesses.
  • As per the latest study results on indeed, on average the salary of a Kafka employee comes out to be around 122,000 US dollars per annum.






About Apache Kafka Online training certification course

The entire Apache Kafka Online training course offered by Petaa Bytes is designed by the industry experts who know the hook and crook of this technology. This comprehensive in-depth learning course contains each and every topic from basic to the advanced level which will help the candidate in easily passing the Kafka Certification and also crack the job interviews.

There are regular mock interviews conducted in the middle of the training to boost up the confidence of the candidates and also to make them aware of the interview-based questions. There are multiple real-time projects and assignments provided to enhance the knowledge base of students and also to make them industry-ready. All and all, the course provides a great learning experience to each and every candidate and provides them a step towards great success in life.

Job opportunities with Kafka

Kafka has the complete power to revolutionize the Hadoop and big data market whose market might significantly reach up to 99B Dollar by the end of the year 2022. More than 33% of Fortune 500 companies are already using this technology and others are in the process to add it.

This clearly signifies that the career in Kafka is bright ahead. On completion of Apache Kafka Online Training with Petaa Bytes, we will assist you in getting more and more job opportunities. We already have a tie-up with many big MNCs and getting a job will not be a tedious task anymore.



Why should you learn Kafka from Petaa Bytes?

Petaa Bytes being one more the most trusted Apache Kafka Online Training provider assures everyone to offer the best and guided learning. The major reasons why you can easily trust us are:

  • All the courses are designed by industry experts who have more than 15 years of experience.
  • The courses are completely in-depth and as per the current industry standards.
  • More emphasis is put on practical learning rather than theoretical knowledge.
  • There are regular assignments provided along with multiple real-life projects to get hands-on.
  • Upon completing the training successfully, all candidates are provided with the KAFKA Certificate which can add up a lot more value to your resume.
  • You will be provided lifetime access to all the study materials along with 24/7 team support at no additional charges.

What are the different modes of training that Petaa Bytes provides?

we offer both online instructor-led courses and self-learning training. We are also involved in providing corporate-based training for the companies in order to upskill their employees. You can choose to opt for the courses as per your availability and feasibility.

Are there support sessions available if I face any doubts?

We offer support 24/7 round the clock. As and when you have any doubts, just post your query via email and our support team will assist you as soon as possible. Also, you can have a one to one session with the instructor if in case there are other major doubts. We offer lifetime support to all our candidates, so even when the course gets completed you can contact us anytime and get your doubts resolved.

What sort of projects is included in the Apache Kafka Online Training?

Petaa Bytes brings into the picture all the real-life projects that are actually worked upon in the industry. This helps you to understand the working standards of the company. The projects are available from various domains including retail, banking, healthcare, and e-commerce, etc. You will get a chance to work on multiple use cases that will make you an expert Kafka professional.

Is there any job assistance provided by Petaa Bytes?

We have our tie-up with major brands across the globe. Once the course is complete and you submit all the projects, you will be on the list of our active job searchers. We will be forwarding your resume as per the requirements and also prepare you for interviews.

When do I get the Petaa Bytes Kafka certificate?

On successful completion of the Apache Kafka Online Training along with project submission and above 60% in the final assessment, you will be provided the certificate. This certificate holds global recognition and will add up a quick fuel to your CV.

Does the job assistance program guarantees a sure shot placement?

Ideally, the answer is no. none of the institutes can assure 100% placement. We provide the placement support wherein the resume is forwarded to all the associated MNCs. But the final decision is based on your interview and the company’s decision.

Are there any prerequisites for Apache Kafka Online Training Course?

Anybody with the willingness to learn can take up the Apache Kafka Online Training course. Having a basic knowledge of java can aid in the learning process.

Who are the ideal people to choose the Kafka course?

Although everyone is eligible for the course, it is mostly suitable for Project managers, testing professionals, Big Data and Hadoop developers, and queuing and messaging system associates.



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