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Hadoop Training in Mumbai

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You can now take up Hadoop training in Pune at Petaa Bytes which is the leading training provider of Hadoop. Call us anytime on +91 9819652958 for getting more details about the course details and other required information.

If you take up the Hadoop training in Pune with full sincerity and dedication, it is for sure that you will an expert of Hadoop and you will be mastering all the required skills. Below are the major skills you will have after taking up the course:

By the end of Hadoop training in Pune at Petaa Bytes you will learn

  • You will get a clear understanding of various flavors of Hadoop.
  • Gain knowledge in handling the techniques & tools of the Hadoop stack.
  • You will be able to do complete full stack development with Hadoop.
  • Understand the different Hadoop Flavors.
  • You will be the expertise in working with various Hadoop tools.
  • You will get mastery in the Big Data Hadoop components like MapReduce, Hive, HDFS, PIG, and Flume, etc.

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Advantages of Big Data Hadoop

  • Hadoop is open source
  • Complex data can be easily divided into multiple hardware
  • All types of data can be easily processed whether structured or unstructured
  • The parallel processing speed is very high






What is Big Data and Hadoop?

As the name suggests, Big Data refers to the large volume of structured as well as unstructured data. These data sets are so large and complex that either they hinder the current processing capacity of data for an organization or move in such a fast manner that the existing tools can’t handle the data. For example, stock exchange market like BSE, NYSE generates the bulk of data every day. Think about social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where tons of data gets collected every single day.

Hadoop is an open- source framework developed by Apache which is used for storing of data on the clusters and for running applications on these clusters. This tool comes with powerful processing capability and can easily process a vast amount of data in the distributed environment. All the big MNCs like Amazon, Facebook, Google and Yahoo, etc make use of Hadoop framework and hence with time there is a continuous requirement for Hadoop developers in the market.



Who should take up the Hadoop training in Pune?

In the last few years, there is a significant rise in the Big Data industry and according to the latest surveys, this rise will keep on increasing in the near future. Almost around 60% of companies have already made their investments in the Big Data and this number will not stop now. For every person who wants to get inside the Big Data and Hadoop world, there are boundless opportunities coming their way.

Anyone who has an interest in exploring data or wants a shift from outdated technology or working on other technologies like Java, Data warehousing, Testing, etc can take up the Hadoop training in Pune. Our training will definitely provide you great hands-on so that you can firmly stand in the competitive world and meet the demands of the market.

Why Hadoop training in Pune at Petaa Bytes?

Being a part of Hadoop training in Pune at Petaa Bytes, you will get enough knowledge on work on all the industry based real-life projects. After joining our training program you will:

  • Best classroom training

Our classroom programs are designed after keeping in mind the requirements of learners. Whether you are a fresher of an experienced professional, you will get everything over here. Whatever in the background, you will get to learn the things from the beginning.

  • Learn from experts

All our trainers providing Hadoop training in Pune are highly experienced professionals who have many years of working experience in big MNCs. They have proven expertise in the domain they are teaching. There are rigorous rounds of interview done before hiring these experts for you.

  • Practical training

When you come for Hadoop training  at our institute, you will get complete practical knowledge of all the concepts. We do not believe in providing theoretical knowledge to the learners rather focus on imparting the practical workouts based on real-life examples for clear cut understanding.

  • Course up to the mark

The course created by the professionals covers all the latest technologies and concepts required to learn Big Data and Hadoop.

  • Assignments

There are assignments after every class of Hadoop training . You need to complete these assignments regularly. The best part is that these assignments are designed in such a way that whatever you would have learned in the class will be covered properly.

  • Practice

Practice makes a man perfect and we completely believe in this. We will make you practice the concepts thoroughly so that nothing remains unclear and stuck in your mind.

  • Certificate after the course

Once you successfully complete the Hadoop training in Thane at our institute, you will be liable to get the industry recognized certificate which will definitely help you to grab a good job in the market.

What are the Syllabus for Hadoop Training in Pune?

  1. Setup of Hadoop Cluster
  2. Mastering HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
  3. Big Data Analytics using Pig and Hive
  4. HBase and Hive Integration
  5. Understanding of ZooKeeper
  6. YARN Architecture
  7. Understanding Hadoop framework
  8. Linux Essentials for Hadoop
  9. Using Java, Pig and Hive
  10. Mastering HBase
  11. Data loading using Sqoop and Flume
  12. Workflow Scheduler Using OoZie
  13. Hands-on Real time Project

The scope of Hadoop in the future

In recent times, there has been a significant boom in the Big Data Hadoop jobs and it is believed that the scope will keep on increasing in the future as the data grows.

The recent stats show that the job opportunities will multiply in the future in big numbers. This is the reason why many professionals are switching their career by taking up Hadoop training in Pune.



We provide 100% job assistance after you complete the Hadoop training in Pune. We will keep you posted about all the job opportunities and prepare you with the mock interviews regularly.

If you are looking to take up the Hadoop technology for the better future, contact us today for taking up the Hadoop training in Pune.

21,000 18,000Flat 3,000 off
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