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March 13, 2016


Category: mongodb

We provide Mongodb Development Training in Mumbai on weekdays and weekends. Our Mongodb Development Training in Mumbai, handled by a professional who has in-depth experience of working MongoDB tool. We teach core SQL ideas to assist students in simple way to improvement at Mongodb Development Training in Mumbai. After completing the course from Mongodb Development Training in Mumbai, you will be able to improve an expertise in writing Java and Node JS applications using MongoDB. Master the skills of imitation and Sharding of records in MongoDB to optimize read / write performance. Present installation, arrangement and maintenance of MongoDB situation. Get practical knowledge in making and organizing diverse kinds of indexes in MongoDB for query effecting. Increase skillsets in processing good quantity of data using MongoDB tools. Expertly accumulate unstructured data in MongoDB. You will be able to learn, Gain proficiency in MongoDB configuration, backup methods as well as monitoring and operational strategies at Mongodb Development Training in Mumbai. Acquire in-depth understanding of managing DB Notes, replica set & Master-Slave concepts.


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March 18, 2015


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