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Tableau Training in Mumbai & Thane

Looking for best institute for Tableau Training in Mumbai & Thane; come and join Petaa Bytes where the experienced working professionals are dedicatedly offering the tableau training to the candidates. You will get to learn all the concepts from the beginner level to the advanced. Every concept is taught practically with real-life examples in our Tableau Training institute in Thane as well as Mumbai.

What is the tableau?

Based on the concept of data visualization science, the tableau is one of the business intelligence tools which is dynamic in nature and helps in the visualization of data. This tool is provided by the Tableau software. With the help of pie charts and graphs, the analysis of data is done with the help of Tableau software. The huge complex data can be easily simplified into an easy and understandable form with it.


According to the Gartner research, the tableau is considered the leader of the analytical software. You can move quickly through the data and there are different ways through which you can ask various questions to get the complex things to turn into simpler aspects.

Why Choose Petaa Bytes for Tableau Training in Mumbai & Thane?

Petaa Bytes being one of the best institutes for Tableau Training in Mumbai & Thane has the ability to provide fully placement oriented and real-time training to all the candidates. The Petaa Bytes tableau training course contents are designed in such a manner that you get to learn all the concepts from the beginner to the expert level. The team of tableau experts has all the working professionals in it who have worked on real-world projects and knows better how all operations are performed in real life. Thus, you get an edge over other available institutes for the tableau. The tableau training in Mumbai aims to get all its students placed in big MNCs as soon as the course is completed.


The complete needs of the tableau are focused on and the Tableau Certification Training in Thane is imparted in such a manner that attendees get fully prepare to step in the real world of production and show their talent. We are listed as one of the best institutes for Tableau Training in Thane as well as in Mumbai. The course if both for beginners as well as for people who just want hands-on.

Tableau Training  in Mumbai Course Syllabus

Introduction To Data Visualization With Tableau

  1. Why is Data Visualization needed
  2. How to make sense out of numbers
  3. Uses of Tableau
  4. Architecture
  5. Installation and Features of Tableau


  1. Exporting Data
  2. Connecting Sheets
  3. Loading into Tableau visualization engine
  4. Basic visualizations like Text Tables
  5. Bar
  6. Line, Pie charts
  7. Basic maps and interpreting the same


  1. Highlight Tables
  2. Circle Plots
  3. Heat Maps
  4. Side by Side Bars
  5. Scatter Plots
  6. Continues Lines
  7. Dual Charts
  8. Tree Maps
  9. Area Charts


  1. Calculated Metrics
  2. Sorting
  3. Filtering
  4. Totals and Sub Totals
  5. Various Aggregated Measures
  6. Percentages
  7. Data Spotlighting
  8. Summary Card
  9. Date and time functions
  10. String Functions and logical functions
  11. Data Items
  12. Data behind your views
  13. Hierarchies
  14. Sets
  15. Groups


  1. Dual Charts, Dual Axis, Combination charts
  2. Gantt Charts for activity tracking
  3. Motion Charts, Box and Whisker Plots
  4. Reference Lines, Reference Bands
  5. Pareto Analysis, Water Fall Charts
  6. Market Basket Analysis


  1. Quick Table Calculations
  2. Custom Table Calculations
  3. YTD, Parallel Period
  4. Moving Averages, Running totals
  5. Window Averages, Trend Lines and Predictive Models


  1. Filled Maps, Symbol Maps
  2. Geo Coding
  3. Online Maps
  4. Sorting in Maps
  5. Background Maps


  1. Data Blending from multiple source systems
  2. Custom SQL Queries
  3. Creating Incremental Loads
  4. Creating File Extractions
  5. Parameters


  1. For Statistical Analytics, and social media analytics
  2. Connect to Hadoop Systems from Tableau
  3. Integrating Tableau with R
  4. Connecting to R Serve Parameterized R calls
  5. Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation
  6. Forecasting Models
  7. Adding YouTube videos

The advantage of Tableau Training

You can join the Institute for Tableau Training in Mumbai & Thane as the scope is very high in the market. The demand is increasing day by day and many big MNCs are working on tableau and some are transforming to use it. The IT world is going to see a huge demand in this sector in upcoming years.


Because of so many continuous advancements in the technology, the data visualization has become more powerful and prevalent than before. Thus, the business intelligence and its importance are growing day by day. All the data scientists get the ability to properly and effectively visualize the data. This way, proper insights can be received with much more effective and strong business decisions.


Even the Non-IT people like professionals and managers having no information on the coding domain can use tableau very easily. This is so because the user interface being designed is very simple and working becomes much easier.

Some major reasons why tableau has become using very easy are:

  • The visualization is highly interactive and stunning in look
  • The speed to the market is very effective
  • It is compatible across many platforms
  • It can be performed on any type of data


  • So, you can decide and join the best institute of Tableau Training in Mumbai & Thane.

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