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  • What is Qlikview? Why Qlikview? Who can use Qlikview?
  • Thinking through a BI solution build
  • Structured approach for first dashboard build in a Visualisation tool
  • Understanding Qlikview Desktop, Publisher, Server, QlikSense
  • Quick Tour of Qlikview tool : Scripting, Front End Canvas, Automation
  • Basic Elements of the QV User Interface – Tool Bars (Standard, Menu, Design tool bars)
  • Demo: State of the art BI Dashboard in Qlikview
  • List Boxes, Pivot Charts, Straight Tables, Table Box, Pie Chart, writing expressions, Associative Search


  • Necessity of Scripting
  • Connecting to Data Source: Select and Load
  • Connecting to Data Base (thru OLEDB), Excel File, QVDs, Qlikview Application (Binary Load) etc;
  • Understanding Preceding Load
  • What if Analysis: Input Filed, Input Sum
  • Variables declaration with LET, SET
  • Dollar Sign Expansion (DSE) of Variables


  • Loading Multiple files to QV, Table Viewer
  • Table Joins: Join, Left, Right, Inner Joins
  • Keep: Left, Right, Inner
  • Concatenate Tables (Implicit, Explicit Concatenation), Prevent Implicit Concatenation
  • Start Schema, Snow Flake Schema
  • Expression Viewer, Variable Editor, Log File Creation
  • Button Object, Reload Time function
  • Importance of System Fields


  • Challenges of Data Modelling: Synthetic Key, Circular References, Loosely Coupled Tables
  • Solution: Rename Fields, Auto number, Qualify (UnQualify), Concatenate, Composite Key
  • Linked Tables
  • Dashboard Real Estate space Optimization Techniques
  • Multi Box
  • Container: Different Types


  • Cross Tables
  • Mapping Load and Mapping Tables
  • Reading and Writing QVD files, csv Files in the script
  • Advantages of QVDs and creation of QVDs from Chart
  • Buffer Load, Incremental Load, Resident Load
  • Binary Load in detail
  • Partial Reload (Add, Replace)
  • Combo Chart, Trellis


  • Table Transformation
  • Generic Load
  • Cross Tables
  • Hierarchy
  • Create Theme File
  • Book Marks


  • Qlikview Functions
  • Radar Chart
  • Scatter Chart
  • Grid Chart
  • Fast Change of Charts
  • Cyclic Chart
  • Drill Down Chart


  • Set Analysis
  • Set Identifier, Operator, Modifier
  • Indirect Set Analysis: P(), E()
  • Mekko Chart
  • Tips and Tricks

Qlikview Training in Mumbai

Our all-inclusive teaching and edification services are planned for individuals and companies to obtain, sustain and optimize their IT skills.

We at QlikView Training Center Mumbai, present the collection of industrial training and education services, covering the whole thing you require to know regarding building applications with and administering. We have planned our qlikview class’s content and program based on students requisite to accomplish everyone’s profession aim.

As well as our QlikView Training Center Mumbai is designed to get the position in major MNC companies in Mumbai, as soon as you finish the QlikView training course.


At QlikView Training Center Mumbai is a Business intellect place which is for changing the data into information. This lesson is particularly made for experts who want to gain knowledge of Qlikview for business aptitude and to convey visual insights to the information.

This lesson cover up all the notions of Qlikview tools like Data analysis, Designing, Modeling and then leaps into superior features of Qlikview like examine the data; find out the hidden data and creating eye-catching graphs and charts. At Qlikview Training Center Mumbai, lessons are accomplished by specialized QlikView expert with deep industry understanding.