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Data Science Course in Mumbai

Data Science Course in Mumbai

Data Science Course in Mumbai, by Petaa Bytes is intended to help meet the extending requirements for these “Data Scientists”, who are talented in the use of a one of a kind mix of Science, Art, and Business. Students will figure out how to join devices and strategies from insights, software engineering, computer science, data visualization and the sociologies to take care of issues utilizing information and data. We are known as one of the Best Institute for Data Science Course in Mumbai.


Data Science Course in Mumbai –

Petaa Byes is one of the leading and most recommended Institute for Data Science Course in Mumbai. We believe in accurate learning using new digitalized platforms and techniques that help us understand the concepts in a practical way. We also ensure that our faculty is excellent enough to deliver quality education and information through clear methods and strategies. This, in turn, helps students to endeavor and grasp better than just ratting books.

About the Course – 

This Data Science Course in Mumbai is outlined and conveyed by the experienced faculty and informative science experts who teach at the Petaa Bytes campus through Live Classes. Petaa Bytes is known for classroom training and venture based learning. This Data Science Course is no exception. Not at all like a common classroom learning knowledge, these classes are conveyed utilizing standard practices. We mix live, face to face classes with first-rate platform and software facilities.


If we talk about this Data Science Course in Navi Mumbai – Many Corporations have drastically expanded interests in their “digitalized endeavors” in a previous couple of years. It has been assessed that by 2020, IT offices will screen 50 times a big unit of information than they are today. This tidal wave of information is driving exceptional interest for those with the abilities required to oversee and use these substantial informational indexes into an upper hand.


These experts are talented in robotized strategies and automated methods for gathering and examining information and using curious investigating procedures to find before-hand, concealed understanding from this information that can significantly affect the achievement of any business.

Some benefits at Petaa Bytes –


Exclusive Classroom Training
Get prepared by subject specialists with intuitive learning in small groups and batches


Online Live Instructor base training
We are best known for Online Data Science Course in Mumbai. Learn Concepts through Live Online sessions.


Assignments and cases
Work on live and actual cases from various geographical domains.


Complimentary Course
1.Java Essentials for Hadoop, Python and UNIX session
2.Basic Stats video chronicles.


Lab Practical
200 Hrs – Virtual Lab rehearse (SAS Language)
3 Months – Cloud lab access to take a shot at Hadoop Platform


Online Materials
This course fills in as a prologue to the interdisciplinary and developing field of data science. Understudies will figure out how to combine tools, apparatuses and methods from measurements, software engineering, computer science, data visualization and the sociologies to tackle issues utilizing information.


Home Assignment and Online Live Discussion Module
Work from home task and each Friday examine It with Faculty on Live Online Mode.


24×7 Online Access
Access to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, and so forth.)


Uncertain Problem Solving by Experts
Just write to us and get your questions unraveled by our specialists within 2 business days. You can likewise start a discussion by posting it on dynamic discussion forums


Online Content
Download the investigation notes to supplement subject shrewd video tutorials and exercises as well as the webinar recordings.


We offer Data Science Certification Training. Toward the end of the course, you will get a Certificate of Completion as a reference to excel in your profession.
1. Business Analytics Module
2. Big Data and Hadoop Module
3. Data Science Module


True Case Studies
Get the best training in analytics by configuring real-time situations and actual issues.


Boundless Download Access
Download the entire material whenever amid your 1-year of membership and utilize it for your future reference